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The world of marketing and communications grows more complex every day. We often see a fascination with an emerging technology or an obsession with a trend in marketing-speak dominate development of new campaigns.


At CL&L, we love the business of advertising for what it is - a way of connecting businesses and brand with their customers on their terms. Sometimes this is through an emotionally-charged campaign on broadcast media. Sometimes it is a caring email at a time of need, At all times we approach each task with a clean slate, Defining the customer want or need through insights, defining the attribute or benefit our clients have that can meet the needs. Executing and delivering that interaction via the most relevant media - even if we have to create the medium itself.

What drives us

Passion for connecting customers and clients in the most meaningful and efficient way
Creativity - originality of thought and of deed in each task we undertake
Ingenuity - adapting, optimising, even inventing ideas in the service of our clients and their customers.

Interactive Elements

The key to success in this rapidly evolving global marketplace is to ensure we understand how customers wish to interact with our brand and our business, Interaction has moved far beyond point and click. In this always-on environment, allowing the customer to interact with us as they see fit is the key to a mutually beneficial relationship and - ultimately - success

Save Development Time

CL&L maintains a small, robust core team, but has access to local and global resources in production, software development, CRM systems, data analysis and sales support. We maintain our currency of knowledge about the latest in technological development so we can consider the full suite of available methods to connect customers with clients- often by adapting or combining technologies; sometimes by inventing them.

Friendly Support

In years of successive research studies on what makes for a rewarding client/agency relationship, two factors dominate - chemistry and competence. We like working with people who like working with us. In any engagement we take the time to ensure that both client and agency teams communicate clearly and work off the same page.

The Partners

Partnership is important at CL&L - internally and with our clients.
Within CL&L we have built our team in the real-world environment of developing and executing global campaigns together.
With clients, we believe in open, equal and engaged relationships that pursue common (and commonly understood) goals, strategies and outcomes,

We're always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.