Full-service Agency & Development

Whether you wish to advocate for change, continue to build a stronger leadership position or 'eat bigger fish' the most important success factors are what and how you communicate, when and to whom.

While the channels available to you multiply daily, without research-driven insights, a clear, differentiating strategy, expressed consistently through a relevant and compelling idea, you will not meet your objectives.

Brand Turn Around Specialists

From the iconic Woolmark through China UnionPay platform to packaged goods breakthrough Quorn, our team has been involved in turning around some of the most influential consumer brands. Our approach is for finding a timeless position of your brand.

Creative Creation

Our creative team led by the award winning and globally recognised Simon Collins, has originated come of our most famous campaigns. Whether it is advocacy for reconciliation, marriage equality, positioning Australia's largest bank or driving volume demand for luxury apparel, Simon and his team have consistently broken new ground and created lasting engagement with customers.

Brand Marketing

Whether you are a CEO, CMO or market analyst there is no doubt that one of the most valuable assets an organisation owns is its brand/s. Sadly, in the race to gain attention or deliver on short-term goals, the care and attention needed to nurture the long-term value of brands to customers is left wanting.

At CL&L we have collectively spent more than 100 years defining, creating, building and executing and evaluating campaigns that build brand equity with customers, employees, investors and the community. While many channels exist to communicate and deliver products and experiences, the sum of all the moving parts must continue to add value to customers, shareholders and the wider community.

Digital Development

There is no question that, as we have moved from an analogue to an increasingly digital world, the opportunities to define, meet and exceed customer expectations has exploded. With a strong, relevant idea and a clear understanding of consumer expectations CL&L can tap existing channels; optimise CRM interactions; build new, cutting-edge digital tools; and connect with customers as they see fit. The benefits to our clients are that we embrace a media-neutral stance and allow the customer be the guide to how they relate to, engage and communicate with our brands.

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